Vibrant Flow Airbrush Pigments

Vibrant Flow Airbrush Pigments
Createx Wicked Colors Water-Based 2oz Universal Airbrush Paint select any color
The Createx Wicked Colors Water-Based 2oz Universal Airbrush Paint is a high-performance paint designed for a wide range of applications.
Whether you're working on automotive graphics, canvas, glass, t-shirts, illustrations, or other projects, this paint delivers vibrant and enduring colors.
With its high pigment load, the paint flows smoothly out of the bottle and works well with 0.2mm and most detail airbrush tip sizes.
It can be easily customized and atomized by mixing it with Wicked W 100 or Auto Air 4012 to achieve the desired viscosity.
This resilient paint is formulated to withstand extended exposure to outdoor weather without washing or fading, making it a durable choice for your artistic endeavors.
$ 9.00 - 39.95
US, Tampa
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