Pure Essence Therapy Oils

Pure Essence Therapy Oils
4 oz Essential Oils - 4 fl oz - 100% Pure and Natural - Therapeutic Grade Oil!
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The Pure Essence Therapy Oils offer a range of fragrances for candle and soap making enthusiasts.
The Cinnamon Bark oil has a strong, peppery, and slightly woodsy aroma, while the Cinnamon Leaf oil has a mild and earthy scent with a hint of cinnamon.
Other oils in the collection include Amyris, Anise Star, Basil, Bergamot, Birch (Sweet), Black Pepper, and Cajeput. Each oil is extracted from its respective botanical source and has a unique color, consistency, and aroma strength.
These mid-range oils are a great choice for those looking to create high-quality, natural fragrances for their homemade products.
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